Best Bottle Sterilizers 2017

Getting a high quality Bottle Sterilizer or Warmer is on a top priority for a mom who is really concerned with a good hygiene and health of her baby. So a mother is always in search of products which can make her baby a healthy one. It is really essential for you to keep your baby’s bottle clean between feedings and bottle sterilizers and warmers do this task pretty good. Most of the moms have baby food maker for their toddlers and most of the times it is equipped with bottle warmer or sterilizer. But if your baby food maker is not equipped with such thing or it is not capable of doing this task, then you would definitely have to invest in buying a bottle sterilizer for your baby.

To make the daunting task of hunting for the best Bottle Sterilizers for moms easy, we have created a list of the best and high quality sterilizers which can help you take a good hygiene of your baby and also not breaking the bank. Kindly check and compare with of these bottle sterilizer fits for your new baby.

I would like to confirm here that these bottle sterilizers and warmers for your baby are not required but they are very useful for the optimal health of your baby. So if you have plan to buy one for your kid, please check the reviews of some of the awesome baby sterilizers. Please also note that some sterilizers only fit their brand bottles. Make sure buy the appropriate one.

Types of Sterilizers

There are basically two types of sterilizers. One is microwave based and one is electric. Lets see what is the difference between microwave sterilizers and electric sterilizers.

  • Microwave. This microwave based sterilizers requires to add a little water in bottom of sterilizer and then pop in your microwave for a few minutes to create a steam bath for bottles and nipples. It reaches very high temperature and that is why it can kill germs and bacteria.

If you don’t have a microwave, then obviously you need to buy electric based baby bottle sterilizers.

  • Electric. Electric sterilizers are very convenient and modern way of sterilizing bottles. They are usually equipped with timers which shut down them automatically after a pre-assigned time. A few expensive models can also dry bottles after sterilization is completed. This is the reason some parents prefer electric ones over microwaves ones.

There are pros and cons for both but they are indeed effective in keeping your bottles, nipples, breast pumps clean and healthy for your baby to use.

3 Best Bottle Sterilizer Review

1. Philips AVENT

The Philips Avent Sterilizer is a microwave sterilizer and can hold four “AVENT” bottles. But the best thing is you can even use it for your other brand bottles but depending on the bottle size it can fit 3 to 4 in a go. It not only sterilizes bottles and nipples but also has the capability to sterilize breast pumps.

Well for your baby bottle sterilization, all you need to do is to pour the water in bottom tray, put the basket in and then add bottles and nipples. Place the nipples, rings and bottles at appropriate places as showed with labels.

After you done adding the items, secure the lid tight and put it in microwave for the time indicated and you are done. After couple of minutes, remove it from microwave, open the lid and take out your bottles. You are done.
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2. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Micro steam Sterilizer is one of its kind baby bottle microwave based sterilizer. It is fast, fuss free and easy to use of its kind.

Tommee Tippee is almost similar to that of Philips Avent and can hold up to four bottles, nipples and rings. You can place each item on the places mentioned inside.

After loading the basket, close the lid and keep it in microwave for about 4 minutes. Give it 3 minutes of cooling time and you are done. Tommee Tippee claims to keep your baby items sterile for at least 24 hours if the lid stays closed.


3. Wabi Baby

For the moms who don’t like to use microwave sterilizers, Wabi baby is a great alternate for them. This Wabi baby electric sterilizer is designed to steam and dry bottles and nipples effectively.

While electric sterilizers can be slow, but they can be great at the same time. Wabi baby can hold upto 8 close to nature bottles and it needs almost an hour to sterilize and dry the basket items completely.

It is up to you to sterilize and dry both or you can even skip the dry option if you are getting late. It has separate functionalities for both of these operations.



Keeping all of your baby items clean is very important as the new born baby has a delicate developing immune system and it needs special care to be taken so that germs and bacteria don’t come in contact with the baby. These sterilizers are great for keeping your bottles, nipples and breast pumps clean and are helpful in killing dangerous germs and bacteria which might cause problems for your baby.

If you liked any of the baby sterilizer, do buy and let us know below how did you find it!!!

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